Don't Loose Your Website

MCS Ltd is a provider of website maintenance, hosting, and security services for commercial clients, both existing and new. We specialize in ensuring our Clients' websites and web services remain running, secure, updated, backed up and optimized on a monthly basis.

Our team caters to the boutique needs of the websites of the clients, going over every minute detail, and making sure they are up to the mark. We have skill sets in the areas of Website and Hosting Maintenance, Website Design and Development, Web Content Management, Web Digital Marketing and Project Management.

MCS Ltd has worked with over 50 clients to help them successfully tell their stories via the web and marketing mediums.

The Maintenance phase of your web services will include best practices for support, maintenance, and upkeep.

Digital Marketing Services

Secure Backups (Critical Task)

MCS Ltd will create a complete weekly backup of your website and complete monthly backup of your hosting account. All such backups will be stored in a secure server with the main host. Backup files are deleted by the server periodically as they consume space, hence why this task is done weekly. In the event there is a security breach, program error, loss of file, etc, backup files come in handy in creating a safe restoration.

Script/Program Updates (Critical Task)

MCS Ltd will update all scripts, plugins, wordpress installation of the website on a weekly basis. Backups are a key activity before such updates or upgrades are carried out. In the event this step fails or website is hacked, we can revert to a working backup and trouble shoot from there. This service is essential as outdated scripts or plugins can become areas hackers, viruses and malwares can exploit.

24/7 Website Monitoring

MCS Ltd will monitor your site for any security breach and outages all the time. We will notify the client of any website issues within 1 hour of the initial occurrence and we will resolve those issues as quickly as possible. The actual resolution time for website maintenance issues, including such security breaches and outages, will vary depending on the specific parameters of each issue.

Content Updates/Email Support

We will appropriately keep on posting new content that you create for the website weekly/monthly. This is only for items we consider minor content updates like weekly single blog posts or changes to existing text contents on the website. We will also carry out minor content optimization where applicable. Major content updates would be negotiated when requested and billed accordingly. We will also provide support with your email services relating to the server side or hosting.

Hosting & Website Virus Protection

MCS Ltd will execute a weekly virus scan of your hosting and website files and clean up any malicious files that may have found its way into the system. The virus scanner on the hosting account, and website security and firewall software will also update admin live on any vulnerabilty and admin will look into it.

Website & Hosting Login Security Updates

MCS Ltd will change all website, hosting and email passwords associated with your web services on a monthly basis. Very strong difficult to guess passwords will be used and Mavis Computel will be updated for the email passwords. This is best practice to reduce the chances of hackers guessing the passwords using brute force attacks. Two Factor authentication will also be enabled for the website and hosting account admin login.

The ciritical tasks are a fail safe should in case anything critical goes wrong with the hosting and website services. The other tasks are very important as a preventive measure. All Critical tasks are therefore Compulsory and the others are highly recommended.

Our Affordable Pricing

  • Business Aspire
    (Critical Tasks)

  • 6,000/Month

    • Secure Backups
    • Script/Program Updates
  • Business Pro

  • 10,000/Month

    • Secure Backups
    • Script/Program Updates
    • Content Updates
    • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Business Premium

  • 15,000/Month

    • Secure Backups
    • Script/Program Updates
    • Content Updates
    • 24/7 Website Monitoring
    • Hosting & Website Virus Protection
    • Website & Hosting Login Security Updates