Website Design is such an easy skill to learn and it will make you at least 6 figures in naira per month.

Here are 3 Huge Reasons Why I Became a Website Designer or Creative 5 Years ago, and Why You Should Become One.


As a website creative, you can make money from anywhere in the world

When you learn how to build websites and run website services, nothing is holding you back from taking a trip around the world - Like I'm doing with my Clients in the United Kingdom.


As a website creative, you’ll have a new client before you know it.

When you’re a website designer you’ll have work in no-time. There will always be a need for new websites or website services, with thousands of businesses starting daily.


As a website creative, you’ll become popular amongst family & friends

Every organization needs a website. The charity of your friend, the restaurant of your sister, You name it. As a website designer you’ll be the hero who can help them out. This is the secret to getting started with making money once you learn what I am about to Teach and Coach you on.

I have done it for over 5 years.
Being a Website Creative has changed my life.
It will change Your Life for good.

Why not let me Show You How?

Olutayo Afelumo, CEO MCS LTD


With Detailed Lessons & Coaching on How to Build Websites, Run Website Services (Zero Coding) and How to Start and Run a Profitable Business as a Website Designer – You’ll be well on your way to Making at least 7 figures in Naira per year.


Take Your First Step by Joining my Online Course, Training and Coaching on The Business of Website Creatives.

What You Will Learn:

What You Will Get:

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"The course was straight forward, easy to apply and get results.
I like the fact that I could rewind or even download the videos and watch as many times as needed.
Not many times do we get courses that has support from the coach. That's a plus here." - Gerry Lawrence


Once you get the hang of the web design skill, it’s a lot of fun.
And I have made it easy to learn in this course.

"The course is very easy to understand.
It is very good and self explanatory." - Onuoha Chijindu

"The course is very explanatory and I am understanding it." - Akinyemi Temidayo


5 More Benefits of Being a Website Designer

It’s a high-paying skill

Become your own boss

It's a skill for the future

You become a problem-solver

It improves your creativity

I Won't Just Teach You How To Build Websites, I'll Coach You on How To Make Money in at least 6 Figures/Month.

That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

3 Weeks is recommended if you put in 1-2 hours daily. However you’ll have 3 months access to the course so you can learn at your pace. The faster you get a hang of it, the faster you start making money with your new skill.

Not at the moment.

I’ll be taking questions via the WhatsApp coaching group and if need be I’ll put a call through to you.

Yes you can. First have a positive mindset that you can do it. I am also available to coach you as you get started. Start Now – You Can Do It.

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“Watching the introductory video demonstrated that I’m in for a great ride. I’m excited to learn with Olutayo Afelumo of MCS Ltd.” – Gerry Lawrence

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