Setting Up & Improving Social Media Accounts

Setting Up & Improving Social Media Accounts makes the fifth Step in our series on developing a winning social media marketing strategy.

Make a decision for social networks you’ll focus on (and how to use them), and then set up your social accounts and optimize them.

As you decide which social media channels to use, you’ll also need to define your plan for each network. For example, you might decide to use Whatsapp/Twitter for customer service, Facebook for acquiring customers, and Instagram for engaging with existing clients or customers.

It’s best practice to create mission statements for each social channel/network. Mission statements will help you focus on a very specific goal for each social account on each social network.

For example, you could decide that:

Instagram is where you build brand affinity with existing customers.

Facebook is best for acquiring new customers via paid advertising.

Twitter is where you engage press and industry influencers.

YouTube is where you support existing customers with education and video help content.

LinkedIn is where you engage existing employees and attract new talent.

Snapchat is where you distribute content with the goal of building brand awareness with younger consumers.

If you can’t create a strong mission statement for a particular social channel, you may want to reconsider whether that channel is worth it.

Once you’ve figured out which networks to focus on, it’s time to create your social account or improve on your existing accounts so they align with your strategic plan.

Remember to:

  • Fill out all profile fields
  • Use keywords people will use to search for your business
  • Use images that are correctly sized for each social network.

Why not get started with Setting Up Social Media Accounts and Improving Existing Profiles.

Download our Social Media Marketing Strategy Template (Power Point) which will help you easily put together a Winning Strategy and help with this step on Setting Up & Improving Social Media Accounts.


Watch out for STEP 6: Finding Inspiration for Your Social Media

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