Researching the Competition on Social Media

Researching the Competition on Social Media is key towards Improving Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Most likely, your competitors are already using social media and that means you should learn from what they’re doing.

Start by conducting a competitive analysis.

A competitive analysis allows you to understand who the competition is and what they’re doing so well and not so well. You’ll get a good sense of what’s expected in your business industry, which will help you set some social media targets of your own.

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This analysis will also help you spot opportunities. For example, maybe one of your competitors dominates on Facebook, but has put little effort into Instagram. You might want to focus on the networks where your audience is underserved, rather than trying to win fans away from a dominant player.

Social listening is another way to keep track of the competition (there are several tools online that can help you with social listening).

As you track your competitors’ accounts and relevant industry keywords via social listening, you may spot a specific post or campaign that really hits the mark. Keep an eye on this information and use to it evaluate your own goals and plans.

Why not get started with Researching the Competition on Social Media.

Download our Social Media Marketing Strategy Template (Power Point) which will help you easily put together a Winning Strategy and help with researching the competion: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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