How to Create a Social Media Calendar

How to Create a Social Media Calendar is our seventh step towards improving your social media presence with a winning social media marketing strategy.

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Now it’s good to share great content, however it’s very important to have a plan for when you’ll share content to get the best impact.

Your content calendar must account for the time you’ll spend interacting with your audience (with some spontaneous engagement as well). Your content calendar states the dates and times you will publish content on each platform.

Your calendar ensures your posts are spaced out and published at the optimal times. It should include both your daily posts and content for campaigns.

Ensure your calendar reflects the mission statement you’ve assigned to each social platform, so that your posts are supporting your business goals.
You can consider making:

50% of content drive traffic back to your Website/Blog/DM/Call to Action End Points

25% of content will be from other sources👉🏽20% of content will support business goals (selling, lead generation, etc)

5% of content will be about your employees/company culture

Once you have your calendar, use scheduling tools (e.g. Meta Business Suite) to prepare your posting in advance.

Why not get started with our tips on How to Create a Social Media Calendar.

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Finally Watch out for STEP 8: Testing, Evaluating, and Adjusting your Strategy

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