Now that you know what the advantages for the digital branding (from our previous post) of a startup and small business are, it’s time to see what the best Digital Branding Solutions For Small Businesses are so you can implement them into your strategy.

  • Being active on social media. Don’t you find it a little bit weird when a company doesn’t have social media accounts? Or it does, but it rarely/never uses them? The first thing I do when I discover a new company online is check out their social media accounts and their website to find out more about them and how they communicate with their audience. Chances are that I’m not the only one that does this. Posting useful information for your audience and answering their questions in a timely manner are things you must do in order to grow your business.
  • Being awesome at customer service. This is related to the first solution. Nowadays, people rarely go to your website to search for your support/contact email address or to email you about a problem or question they have about your product/service. What they do is ask that question directly on your social media accounts. It’s easier for a customer to tweet a company, send them a private message, or leave them a comment on their Facebook page. What you need to do is to be there to answer their concerns. Social media acts like a support channel as well, so don’t ignore it.
  • Being consistent and relevant. Many startups and small businesses fail to be consistent when they first launch, but this is definitely one aspect they shouldn’t neglect. Be active on social media, post relevant news to your audience from different sources, use email marketing and show your audience that you’re open to feedback and at improving your business. If you fail here, then your target audience will go somewhere else, especially if they stop seeing any sign of activity from your side. Digital branding is about being as close as possible to your audience.
  • Target your audience. As I’ve already mentioned, social media is a great tool because you can target your audience. That way, the messages you create will reach only the people who are truly interested in your company. This also means that you’re not wasting your time or your money, which are incredibly important resources for a startup or a small business. Not all social media networks are going to suit your business, so choose only the ones that are relevant, and where you can find your target audience.
  • Storytelling and content marketing. When combined with Search Engine Optimization,  storytelling is a powerful tool that will help you deliver value to your audience. Once you understand how storytelling works, you can go ahead and start creating a strategy that will fit your company’s objectives. You can implement storytelling in your blog, and in your social media posts. It’s imperative that you use more than just words. Storytelling can be achieved through the power of visual content as well. Infographics, short introduction videos on your website’s homepage, slideshows and presentations all successfully integrate storytelling while delivering value to your audience. REF: SQUIRILY 
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