Levels of Brand Meaning
Brands communicate the level of performance, reliability, and quality and can be designed to convey up to 6 different types of meaning.
For example, levels of meaning for the Mercedes Benz brand are as shown below (In order of, Meaning, Description and Example):

Attributes - What kind of image does the brand suggest? - Mercedes Benz suggests an expensive, well-built, durable vehicle.

Benefits - What functional and emotional benefits does the brand provide? - Mercedes Benz provides durability; it’s also about status or achievement - an emotional benefit

Values - What does the brand say about your values? - For Mercedes it communicates values of performance, safety and prestige.

Culture - What kind of culture does the brand communicate? - Mercedes represents German culture of efficiency organization and high quality

Personality - What kind of personality does the brand convey? - Mercedes Benz gives an image of a no-nonsense person out to perform well

User - What kind of customer buys this brand? - Mercedes Benz is aimed at an older person - a top executive or owner of a successful business

In this lesson we’ve looked at the elements of a brand, including brand name, logo, style, tagline, colors, and tastes and the steps involved in creating a brand.
We learnt that a brand can convey up to six different meanings - attributes, benefits, values, culture, personality and user - with the aim of giving it a unique personality or spirit.
Creating a positive brand association can lead to emotional attachments and loyalty leading to more profit for the firm.
Reference AMI