So you’ve defined your target audience by demographics, interests etc, and you’ve pumped in money into the advert & you’re getting traffic but the advert is still not working.

One shocking reason why your advert is not working is that you might be missing out on an Understanding of the Temperature or Type of Your Audience.

If your message is not speaking to the temperature of your audience, it is never going to work.

Think of it this way: If you went to a restaurant & ordered a hot dish only to be served a very cold dish; you’ll be sending it back right?

The same thing is true for your ads & offers. If you want to convert your audience, you have to match their temperature.

Lets look at it another way (3 Types of Audience):

Cold Audience: People who have no idea who you are. You’re a complete stranger, and what they see on your ad will determine if they want to know more.

Warm Audience: People who have met you one way or the other, they know you, but they’re certainly not sold on you. They’re checking you out to see if it’s a fit.

Hot Audience: These people have worked with you in the past one way or the other, they know all about you, and they’d spend all their time with you if they could.

Here’s the Deal: If you want to maximise conversions, you need to consider the temperature of your audience & adjust your message to fit. Everything about your ad/offer must be targeted to maximise the relationship you have with your audience.

NB: Your goal should be to move your audience from being Cold (because a very huge market is here untapped), through the Warm stage to when they are Hot Hot (ready to buy – a stage where ALL your competitors are targeting already; the smallest market share)!!

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In a subsequent post Ill write/talk about how we can take our target audience from being Cold to Hot and the right way to put up an offer if you want to individually address the stages of your audience.

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