5 Benefits of Using a Custom Business Email Address (GET YOURS NOW)
1. Professionalism/Credibility Would you really take someone with an AOL.com email address seriously? I mean no disrespect here, but really, it’s time for a new business email address. And you@yourdomain.com looks a lot better than micronet@yahoo.com or computel@gmail.com (made up addresses).
2. Build Your Brand With every email, you put your domain and your brand in front of your customers, prospective customers, vendors, and anyone else with whom you do business. Use a brand-building signature while you’re at it.
3. Be Remembered When you correspond with a customer or prospect by email, they’ll know exactly how to find your business online because it’s in your email address. The same is true if someone forwards one of your emails. Your online business address is right there for those leads to follow.
4. Keep It For Life Unlike your @attn.net, @comcast.net, and other such internet provider-based addresses, if you change internet providers, this address does not go away.
5. Email Addresses by Department Separate your incoming email by its purpose by having department email addresses. Even if you’re a one-person shop, having addresses like billing@yourdomain.com, customersupport@yourdomain.com, and jobs@yourdomain.com can help you compartmentalize your incoming email and even make you look like a bigger company that you might actually be.
The Quick Takeaway
Getting a custom email address is as easy as getting your custom domain and setting up an email account through your webhosting account. Don’t have a webhosting account or a custom domain and email? No problem. We've got you covered at MicroNet CompuTel Solutions Ltd (just call or chat +2347085726566) and we’ll help you set up your custom email accounts even without a website.